10 promises of the Polish music scene

Well no, I wouldn’t have guessed it, but in Poland there is an alternative life; We assume that as in all countries, but in some more developed than in others. From our Spanish coordinates we look at some countries or others that monopolize the independent musical terrain, see, United States, United Kingdom or the Nordic countries. Even here in Spain the alternative scene is not exactly scarce, but do we know which countries look at us, if they look? However, there are a couple of groups that escape our ignorance about Poland, included in the list, and that we would not have imagined that they come from the cold European country. And it is that in most cases it is difficult to guess where they come from since their music is a copy of the musical trends that we consume globally, not like the case ofthe 10 jewels of French music , where we did see a much more accentuated French spirit. This fact is not by chance since Poland has two important European summer festivals such as the Off Festival and the Tauron Nowa Muzyka, both in Katowice, which welcomes and embraces them. Some seem consolidated and others greener … but let’s get down to business and discover what this distant European neighbor has in store for us.

Prince of Livia

Fresh out of the oven, Prince of Livia is the solo project by Tomasz Szpaderski, a member of Kamp !, a group that has made its way into our players on more than one occasion and is undoubtedly the best known in Poland. In its root project, Kamp! they delighted us with a hedonistic and danceable electronic pop very close to Cut Copy and St. Lucia, filling all their compositions with synthesizers and accompanied by the sensual voice of the singer. In this project you can see the planning trajectory and the debut EP Perkal has been marked , calm but with that golden eighties and pleasant that we like so much. Brennnessel is the guilty label of all these projects, which although they all sound very similar, they are still interesting.

We Draw A

They are a duo from Wroclaw that with only two EPs,  Whrils and Glimpse , which have dazzled the critics of their country. It seems that summer never hides into Polish winter as its music exudes warmth and dances at sunset. Synthpop also with a more Australian or English aspect and a list of concerts that are currently staying in Poland. At the moment for this year they are scheduled to edit City / Debris , still without a release date, so let’s hope they can make the leap, since, although they touch the international scene with their fingers, they are not yet waiting for their moment, without that it lacks merits. Breakthrough moments like in Silent tide or Glimpse , more r’n’b like in Waking houror evocative like Harm . Also in free download. We will have to take advantage now that they are not famous!

The Dumplings

They are one of the strongest bets in the eastern country, and it is that they have been signed by the Warner Music of Poland. Without a doubt, the video for Technicolor yawn is a breath of fresh air, full of color, modern and humor, in the vein of Canada. Their smooth and alluring synthpop single is part of their full-length this year called No Bad Days,  a compendium of heartfelt electronic melodies from female artists that permeate their vocal chords with stealthy and powerful machines.

Fair Weather Friends

The Polish quartet practice a more powerful electronic pop than those mentioned above, a bit in the vein of Passion Pit, but with the singer’s black voice and armed with vocal manipulations that drag it into the most rabid current affairs. The musical load in Fake Love is also interesting for the Caribou electronic performance in one of the most successful attempts to sneak into the best of its country. At the moment they have an EP and two single songs, of which we highlight the one already mentioned, with a video just below.

Oxford Drama

This group is perhaps one of the most experimental and conceptual on the Polish synthpop scene. Their self-titled debut EP delves into the possibilities of electronics by creating suggestive sound atmospheres from that post-post-dubstep that has served many groups to use pop from a different perspective, offering a minimalist but rich touch as in the projects of Labirynth Ear. They boast of having created the short in their comfortable home and, of course, their play has not gone wrong. A female voice, magical moments, and a varied sound palette can give you a promising future.